Analysis of Solution to Electric Shock Accident of Street Lamp pole Leakproof Connector

Analysis of Solution to Electric Shock Accident of Street Lamp pole Leakproof Connector

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the city scale, the street lamp business has flourished. However, in some areas, the concept, technology, management, and other aspects have not been kept up to date. This has led to a series of security problems. There are many Street Lamp pole, and once it leaks, it is straightforward to cause personal severe safety accidents.

Not only does it bring suffering to the families of the victims, but the relevant government departments also have to bear substantial financial compensation liabilities.

After the deceased’s family brought the municipal engineering management office and the residential construction committee to the court, they were required to compensate for the losses.

Finally, the municipal engineering management office repaid the total cost of more than 430,000 yuan. The matter lasted nearly one year and caused a significant impact in the local area.

We can easily find from the Internet some of the streetlight electric shocks that have occurred in recent years.

The following table:

The cases are not exhaustive. This cannot help, but we do not pay attention to it and do not think about it. We seek to solve the problem of street lamp leakage.

Street lamp leakage accidents are mainly concentrated in lamp pole leakage. There are many reasons for lamp pole leakage.
Some are the ageing of the cable insulation layer in the lamp pole and the lighting of the lamp pole. Some of them are unqualified for the electric light source.
For example, the ballast is broken down, and the lamp pole is charged, or the wire terminal is burned to cause the lamp. The poles are loaded, and the poles are caused by human-made damage.

Finally, the poles are caused by harsh natural environments, such as lightning, typhoon, earthquake and other natural disasters.

Most of the accidents caused by lamp pole leakage occurred in wet and wet weather, especially in the summer of thunderstorms.

This is because the summer high-temperature roads and other facilities operate at a higher temperature and humidity, and the cable insulation layer tends to deteriorate due to ageing, resulting in lamp pole leakage.

On the other hand, because people wear fewer clothes in the summer, the bare skin easily comes into contact with the bright metal parts of the lamp posts, and the exposed portions of the human body and the ground form a circuit that causes electric shocks.

In winter and spring, there are few electric shocks due to the excellent insulation of the shoes. Caused fatal accidents.

Let’s talk about the solution one by one.

1, The ageing of the cable insulation layer in the lamp post and the lamp pole fire

In general, the standard cable insulation should be able to be used for not less than 15 years and should be replaced before the expiration date.
Also, the cable should be fixed in the centre of the pole, not leaning against the pole wall.

2, the electric light source is not qualified

At present, with the promotion of LED light sources and technological advancement, they are strictly controlled when purchasing light sources and require IP65 levels, which can minimise the possibility of accidents.

3, discharge of wire terminals

Most of the current wiring methods adopt stripping and winding ways. In this method, the resistance of the connector is substantial, the sealing effect is weak, and the insulation life is short. Insulating tape wrapping will relax after 3-5 years. If there is moisture or water immersion, it will be discharged. This is the most important factor causing lamp pole charging, accounting for 90%. Before everyone paid attention, there was no right way to solve this problem.

4, Street Lamp pole caused by human damage is charged

Mainly refers to the cable was damaged by theft, the cable fracture is exposed in the mast, quickly lead to discharge accidents.

At present, cameras and burglar alarms are used in some places, but the cost is too high.
One of the most effective and economical methods at present is to improve the cable joints in the mounting hole and use an integral connector to fix it on the terminal block so that stealers can’t start.
Copper-aluminium transition individual connectors and integrated connector solutions can be consulted.

5, Poor natural environment causes lamp poles to live

Mainly refers to two:

First, flooding through the mounting hole, if the cable connector can be waterproof and sealed, do not need to worry about, waterproof sealing connector, please consult.
On the other hand, it refers to thunder and lightning weather. Lightning strikes on the light poles.

It is also possible to increase propaganda and post measures such as lightning-protection signs and electric shock prevention signs on the poles to prevent pedestrians from standing around the poles when lightning strikes floodwaters.

Street Lamp pole leakage accident has brought tremendous life and economic losses to the people. We must pay attention to it. Committed to solving these problems, we believe that this is a corporate social responsibility.

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