High pole street lamp construction organization design

High pole street lamp construction organization design

High pole street lamp construction organization design can be referenced from the following aspects:

When the lamp post is installed, it must first be checked for quality to ensure that the lamp post to be connected can be installed without quality problems. The specification and type of the lamp post must meet the design requirements, the wire connection must be tight and firm, and the corrosion protection of the metal parts must be complete.
Pay attention to the way to prevent it from colliding when installing the lamp post.

When installing the street lamp pole, pay attention to whether the lead wire is loose or not.
When the lead wire is connected to the trunk wire, the connection point between the lead wire and the trunk wire is not buckled or collided to lead the wire when operating on the rod.
Check whether the lighting angle of the lamp post is accurate, and the lamp holder is not fixed and fixed.

Pay attention to the lamp arm. Lateral displacement or inclination.

After the lamp post is fully installed, test light work shall be performed to check the power transmission.

The test light, and further adjust the illumination angle of the lamps; the maintenance and repair of the lamp post shall be regularly performed.
And problems shall be checked promptly. If it is a street lamp that cannot be repaired The rod should be replaced.
However, this high pole street lamp construction design is more complicated, or it is better to hand it to the relevant street lamp staff.
It is recommended to go to Wanfun Lighting Equipment CO., LTD., which is suitable for high pole street lamps, and then construct and install them together.

With the continuous expansion of the scale of urban construction, urban roads are being built more and more widely, and the construction of street lamps as an important part of the road has received more and more attention.

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