Lamppost anti-corrosion

Lamppost anti-corrosion

The first type is the direct galvanisation of the lamppost.
The galvanising is to immerse the lamppost in a zinc cylinder (the temperature of the zinc in the zinc cylinder is above 600 degrees and is in the liquid state).
When the lighting post is immersed in the zinc cylinder, the steel part of the lighting post In combination with high-temperature zinc.

A layer of galvanised steel with a thickness of about 85 μm is attached to the surface of the lighting post.

This is the galvanised treatment. After the animated lighting post has a layer of zinc on the surface, it will not rust, and the pure life can reach more than 30 years.

The second type is after the lighting post has been galvanised, the surface is polished and sprayed (the spray is no effect on the streetlights, just for the sake of beauty.
The sprayed light post can have a variety of colours and can be customised by the customer.

The lighting pole is the most basic is galvanised, if not galvanised, spray directly, then the life will not be extended. rust up to six months, the spray layer will fall off. Significantly affect the life of the lamppost.

If galvanised paint anti-corrosion, according to QB1551 “street lamp paint coating” standard acceptance;
Street lamp galvanisation can be accepted according to CJ/T3076-1998 “High-dry lighting facilities conditions”