National standards for acceptance of poles and lamps

National standards for acceptance of poles and lamps
Lamps and lampposts, electrical light source performance instructions using material description
1.1 Lamp pole technology reference requirements
1. The central body rod is formed once, and the weld of the steel rod (Q235) must be smooth and smooth. The error of the entire rod body weld convex portion and the rod body flatness should be no more than ±1 mm. The lamp pole welding method is automatic sub-arc welding, and the coloring inspection inspection meets the requirements of the welding international standard GB/T3323-1989111. The lamp pole socketing method adopts the nail and the top wire to fix.
2. The lamppost anti-corrosion treatment is hot-dip galvanizing. The galvanized layer has a smooth and beautiful surface and a uniform gloss. No wrinkle skin, drop and zinc tumor, peeling, spots, yin and yang surface defects, zinc layer thickness of 85um or more, galvanized layer adhesion should be consistent with GB2694-98 standard, ensure that 8 years do not fade, light pole wind resistance Ability to design at 36.9 meters/second. Lamppost antiseptic life is more than 20 years.
3. The surface of the pole is sprayed with a thickness of ≧100um, the adhesion is up to GB9286-880 grade, the surface is smooth: the hardness is ≧2H, outdoor weather resistant material is used, and the sprayed plastic material is full polyester plastic powder.
4. Light pole process and acceptance standards are implemented according to national standards. Design factor 1.8. The design life of poles is more than 20 years.
5. The light pole design should facilitate the threading of the wire, and the hand hole door adopts the form of a backpack door. The gate must be smooth and smooth, and the leveling error with this rod is not more than ±1mm. The same lamp pole door and door are better interchangeable, and it meets the anti-theft and anti-rain requirements. After the bar door is cut, it is partially reinforced to primarily reach the strength of the original whole bar.
6. Appearance color: According to the owner specified color. (effect color)
1.2 Lamp pole technical standards:
Executive standard
1. GB2694-88 Lamps and lampposts hot dip galvanized body galvanized quality
2. GB10854-89 Steel Structure Welding Dimensions
3, GB77-88 carbon structural steel
4, GB1591-93 low-construction steel technology
5, GB2519-88 hot continuous rolling steel strip containing varieties
6, DL/T646-98 transmission line steel pipe manufacturing technology conditions
7, AASHT01994 pole, high pole, Lamps and lampposts traffic signal pole
1.3 Lamp pole technical parameters:
1. Taper: 12:1000
2. Straightness deviation: <0.2%
3, length deviation: <+5nlm
4. Margin deviation: +2mm
5, the body twist: <5 °
6, rod body straightness: <1mm
7, bending arm distortion: <2 °
8, the deviation of the margin of the bending arm part: <15 °
9, flange and rod body perpendicularity deviation: <1 °
10, flange welding position deviation: <2mm
11, Lamps and lampposts galvanized layer thickness: ≥ 85um
12, the pole surface spray thickness: ≥100um
13, design factor: 1.8
14, wind speed: 36.9m/s
1.4 Lamp pole technical test standard:
1. Adhesion test, cross-marking with a special adhesive tape 12 times vertical sticking without peeling.
2, galvanized layer thickness test: Take 30 points, take the arithmetic average greater than 86um.
3, salt spray resistance test: 5% NaCl, 35 °C, 96 hours no yellow rust.
4. The uniformity of the thickness of the galvanized layer was tested. The copper sulfate impregnation method was tested for six times without copper.
1.5 lamp pole, lamp full polyester plastic powder technical parameters:
1, the state of the container: uniform color, loose no agglomeration
2. Screen residue (88um%): <0.5
3, curing conditions: 180-200±2°C 10-20 minutes
4, Appearance: smooth, allowing the slight orange peel
5, coating thickness: 100um
6. Color: Standard swatches and allowable color cast range determined by both suppliers and buyers
7, gloss: high light ≥ 85%, 51-84% light, flat light 50-15%, no light <14%
8, impact strength: 50kg/cm2
9, pencil hardness ≥ 2H (no scratch)
10, adhesion (cross-cut method): 0
11. Bend test (taper shaft): 3mm pass
12. Cupping test ≥ 6mm
1.6 Lamps, lamps, and full polyester plastic powder technical parameters:
1, the state of the container: uniform color, loose no agglomeration
2. Screen residue (88um%): <0.5
3, curing conditions: 180-200±2°C 10-20 minutes
4, Appearance: smooth, allowing the slight orange peel
5. Color: Standard swatches and allowable color cast range determined by both parties of supply and demand
6, gloss: high light ≥ 85%, 51-84% light, flat light 50-15%, no light <14%
7, impact strength: 50kg/cm2
8, pencil hardness ≥ 2H (no scratch)
9, Adhesion (cross-cut method): 0
10, bending test (taper shaft): 3mm through
11. Cupping test ≥ 6mm

2.1 Lamp Technical Requirements
1. The designer and the owner jointly confirm the luminaire surface color.
2. The lamp body adopts LM6 anti-corrosion high-pressure cast aluminum, and the surface is full-polyester plastic powder. A lampshade is a high-strength tempered glass, high-temperature resistance 200&ordm; C above, high light transmittance, impact resistance. The lighting adopts a variety of light control measures and has a special light distribution to ensure sharp light above the water level, which can effectively prevent glare to the driver. The reflector is imported anodized high purity aluminum plate, after anodizing treatment, and according to the special design of the reflective bus, with a reasonable distribution of light, Lamps and lampposts energy saving, high light efficiency.
3. Anti-corrosion performance of lamps and lanterns shells, dust-proof water level IP65 above, protection against electric shock one category. The warranty period is one year.
4 lamps work environment: -35&ordm; C a +45&ordm; C
5. Luminaires adopt internal foam-removal structure lamps with anti-loose, anti-vibration lamp holder devices and corresponding anti-vibration measures, and are highly vibration-proof. The housing has separate optical and electrical chambers. Separately used to install light sources and electrical accessories. Compact, reasonable and easy to use.
6, power AC220, V (± 10%) / 50HZ attenuation.
7, lamps within the electrical appliances, light sources, the use of well-known domestic Nanjing Sale brand, provided by my full set of manufacturers, convenient for future maintenance and standardization.
8, high-grade electrical performance, sodium lamp power factor after compensation ≥ 0.85.
9. When the lamp is turned on, tools need to be opened to prevent theft.
10, electrical lamp board can be easily removed to facilitate maintenance.

2. two luminaire technical standards
1. Technical conditions of GB13037-91 fixed general lighting
2. General safety requirements and experiment for GB7000.1-2000 lamps
3, GB7001-86 lamp shell protection class classification
4, GB7003-86 lamp plating, chemical coating
5, GB7004-86 lamps and lanterns wooden box packaging technical conditions
6、Technical conditions of GB13037-91 fixed general lighting
7, QB/T1553-92 lamp corrugated carton packaging technical conditions Lamps and lampposts
8, QB/T1504-94 high-pressure sodium ballast performance requirements
9, QB/T2048-2061-94 electric light source
10. QB/1115-91 electronic trigger for high-pressure sodium bulb
11. GB13259-91 high-pressure sodium lamp
2.3 luminaire performance description
1, rated working voltage: 220V (effective value)
2, rated insulation voltage: 500V (effective value)
3, rated frequency: 50HZ
4, insulation resistance: ≧ 500MQ
5. Dielectric strength: It can withstand the test voltage of AC 50HZ and 1500V (effective value), and it should have no breakdown or flashover phenomenon for 1 minute.
6, power factor: cos & Oslash; ≧ 0.85
7, lamp protection against electric shock: Class 1
8. Connection mode: three-phase
9, lamp efficiency: 70%
10、Protection level: IP65 (depending on lighting working environment)
11, reflector material: 3002-0 high purity aluminum plate
12, lampshade material: high transparent tempered glass
13, lighting distribution curve: Lamps and lampposts special design for the road surface conditions
14, lighting appliances (ballast, trigger, capacitor insurance) are installed in the lamp

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