Lighting energy-saving measures

Lighting energy-saving measures

Lighting energy-saving Reasonably selected lighting standard value

When designing lighting, a variety of design proposals that meet the requirements of the lighting standards should be proposed.

And comprehensive technical and economic analysis should be conducted to select the best solutions that are technologically advanced, economically reasonable, and energy-efficient.

The choice of Lighting energy-saving lighting equipment should meet the following requirements:
1. The performance indicators of the light source and ballast should meet the requirements of the current national energy efficiency evaluation standards for energy efficiency standards;
2. When selecting lamps and lanterns, under the premise of meeting relevant standards of lighting fixtures and requirements of light intensity distribution and glare limitation.
The efficiency of conventional road lighting fixtures shall not be lower than 70%; the efficiency of floodlights shall not be lower than 65%.
3, the power factor of the gas discharge lamp circuit should not be less than 0.85.

In addition to residential areas and a few roads with special requirements, the following measures should be taken to reduce road surface brightness (illuminance) in the middle of the night:

1, using dual light source lamps, closing a light source at night;
2, using devices that can automatically reduce the power of the light source at night;
3. Close not more than half of the fixtures, but not close the two fixtures adjacent in the longitudinal direction of the road.

Reasonable control methods should be selected, and control equipment with high reliability and good consistency should be adopted.
A maintenance plan should be established. Lamps cleaning, light source replacement, and other facilities should be regularly maintained.