NB-IOT smart light pole

NB-IOT smart light pole

According to recent news, Xiong’an New District will complete the construction of the NB-IOT smart light pole demonstration project. Smart light poles will kick off the informatization construction of Xiong’an New District.

The completion of Xiong’s creative lamp pole demonstration project will realize the functions of intelligent lighting, smart perception, and intelligent management and control.

The intelligent light pole provides a bright solution for the construction of the intelligent city in Xiong’ an New District and becomes a smart city for Xiong’ an New District. Benchmarking.

The Xiong’an New District hot Xiaobian understands that Xiong’an’s lamppost will also have a “brain” to calculate and help people live a better life.

This pole integrates WiFi, cameras, weather monitors, charging piles, and other equipment.

In the future, it will also incorporate garbage cans, pit covers, and more Internet of Things detection equipment, further sharing bicycle parking, plaza dancing, and construction.

Noise problems such as construction noise provide a practical solution.

Smart light poles are becoming the first choice for ubiquitous 5G micro base stations in the city.

NB-IOT smart light pole