smart light poles

The urban IOT information platform based on smart light poles is an important part of the smart lighting platform construction and energy saving and emission reduction in the construction of smart cities. The system is led by the 1000-person plan expert Dr Song Hongwei and has a number of technological innovation industries. First, the interface is beautiful, simple and practical, and the management function is complete. It suits the needs of pain points and street lamp managers in the industry. It subverts the idea of domestic heavy hardware and light software and is compatible with solutions such as power carrier, wireless, RS485, and solar street lamps. Integrate intelligent light poles for various information device technology innovation and composite applications, including smart lighting, WIFI hotspots, environmental information collection, security and road intelligence monitoring, information release, emergency visual alarm, 4G micro base station, and electric vehicle intelligent charging piles, etc. With multiple functions, the system can achieve energy savings of up to 40%, which not only realizes the smart management of the city but also completes the energy saving and emission reduction tasks that the country strongly advocates. Currently, the system has been promoted to more than 50 countries and more than 100 cities around the world. Fangda Intelligent Control is committed to building an international brand of smart lighting.