lamp pole spray technology process

lamp pole spray technology process

The treatment of the lamp post is a plastic spray treatment.
Its primary functions are:
It can make the outdoor lamp pole and monitor bar look more beautiful, nobler, more than 200 kinds of colours can be optional.

Plastic powder has anti-ultraviolet radiation effect.

No pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body.
The lamp pole coating has excellent appearance and firm adhesion, which can prolong the life of street lamps and monitoring rods.
Long-term exposure to the sun will not rust under the sun and rain conditions.

Anti-corrosion capacity of up to 20 years or more.

The spray of the pole is electrostatic powder spraying on the surface of the street lamp and the monitoring rod.
Adheres to the surface of outdoor lights, street lamps and surveillance rods, and plays a consistent and smooth colour.

Lamp pole hot-dip galvanising process:

Lamp pole appearance, lamp panel and all metal fittings appearance should be treated with hot-dip zinc.
The demand for the galvanized layer is uniform; the thickness is not less than 65μm; galvanised presentation should be lubricious.
Fit to GB/T13912- 92 specifications, and provide galvanised test statements.

Lamppost spray process:

Spray adhesion, thickness ≥ 80μm (colour is white) after galvanised should be passivated.
Spray should use imported high-quality plastic powder. Meet ASTM D3359-83 specification, and supply spray test statement.
Lamp stem surface is smooth; there must not be any cracking, leakage welding, continuous porosity, undercut, inequality phenomenon.
The linear error of the pole centre line does not exceed 0.02% of the rod length.
The appearance of the rod body has no unevenness, no traces, no apparent defects in the presence of the lamp pole.

The welding method is automatic sub arc welding, ultrasonic flaw detection inspection, up to welding GBl1345 II standard requirements.

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